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Dr Narsidas Parmar

Professor Organic Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Dipakkumar Raval

Professor Reaction Mechanism, Streochemistry, Conformational... View Profile

Dr Mohanbhai Patel

Professor Coordination Chemistry, DNA Binding Studies, Bioin... View Profile

Prof Saurabh Soni

Professor Energy Storage and Energy Generation Devices... View Profile

Prof Hitendra M Patel, FRSC, FICS

Professor Organic Chemistry, Ionic Liquids and Deep Eutectic... View Profile

Dr Manishkumar Patel

Professor Smart materials, Hydrogels, Therochromic, Photochr... View Profile

Prof Pragneshkumar Niranjanbhai Dave

Professor Nanomaterials synthesis;High explosive materials,C... View Profile

Dr Hiteshkumar Parekh

Associate Professor Supramolecular Chemistry, Catalysis, Coordination ... View Profile

Dr Jignesh Trivedi

Associate Professor Synthesis, Characterization and Evaluation of Pote... View Profile

Dr Manish Kumar Mishra

Associate Professor Inorganic Materials, Heterogeneous Catalysis, Phot... View Profile

Dr Kirankumar Ratilal Surati

Associate Professor Developed Luminescence materials for Organic Light... View Profile

Dr Navin Chikhaliya

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Polymer Structure and Properties, Solution Propert... View Profile

Dr Bhupesh Bhatt

Assistant Professor Bioorganic Chemistry, Heterocyclic Chemistry, Orga... View Profile

Dr Komal Vyas

Assistant Professor Bio Inorganic Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry,... View Profile

Dr Kesur Rajade Ram

Assistant Professor Heterocyclic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Green... View Profile

Dr Pinkeshkumar Sutariya

Assistant Professor Fluorescence Sensors based on Supramolecules... View Profile

Dr Sharadkumar Karad

Assistant Professor Reaction Mechanism, Heterocyclic Chemistry, Stereo... View Profile

Dr Tushar Sutariya

Assistant Professor Synthesize biologically interesting organic compou... View Profile

Ms Shailykumari Patel

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr priyanka yadav

Assistant Professor physical chemistry... View Profile

Prof Nandhibatla V Sastry

Advisor Surface Active Materials and Soft Matter, High Per... View Profile