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Dr Hiteshbhai Patel

Principal Psychometric Testing... View Profile

Dr Neepaben D.Bharucha

Associate Professor Teacher Education, Pedagogy of teaching Science an... View Profile

Dr Rina Vohra

Assistant Professor Education and Educational Research,Educational psy... View Profile

Dr Jetalkumar J. Panchal

Assistant Professor Pedagogy of Mathematics, Multiple Intelligences (M... View Profile

Dr Rajeshkumar Bhatt

Assistant Professor Educational Research and Statistics,Teacher Educat... View Profile

Dr Urmilaben Gamit

Assistant Professor Gujarati... View Profile

Mr Dilipbhai Jaysing Vasava

Assistant Professor Hindi... View Profile

Dr Neha Nandaniya

Assistant Professor Hindi Teaching Methodology, Language Education, ... View Profile

Mr Brijeshkumar Chaudhari

Assistant Professor Pedagogy of Mathematics,Pedagogy of Science, Child... View Profile

Dr Gopal Bharvad

Assistant Professor Political Science ,Guidance and Counsiling,Teacher... View Profile

Mr Ashwinkumar Rathava

Assistant Professor Contemporary India and Education,Language Across t... View Profile

Dr Jayshree Dave

Assistant Professor Teaching Learning... View Profile

Dr Deepalee Mahida

Assistant Professor Teaching Pedagogy of English, Language Across Curr... View Profile

Dr Jitendrakumar Babubhai Patel

Assistant Professor Social Sciences... View Profile

Dr Samir Ajmeri

Assistant Professor Social Sciences,Educational Psychology... View Profile

Dr Payal R. Bhatia

Assistant Professor Philosophy in Education, Educational psychology, p... View Profile

Dr samir vaghrodia

Assistant Professor Pedagogy of Social Science, Application of ICT in... View Profile